Proven infection prevention1

In a 1-year, prospective, open-label, nonrandomized, multicenter, phase 3 study evaluating the efficacy and safety of ASCENIV™ in adult and pediatric patients with PI:

Zero serious acute bacterial infections (SBIs)*

In the same 1-year study (secondary endpoints)

Count on ASCENIV™ to reduce infection-related quality-of-life impact

Efficacy results (PPPY):

Zero hospitalizations due to infection

One patient from the study group was hospitalized because of a postoperative local wound infection from elective surgery

<1 unscheduled medical visits per patient per year

24 out of 59 patients (41%) had a total of 54 unscheduled medical visits due to infections

1.7 missed days of work/school/activity per patient per year due to infection

23 patients (39%) had a total of 93 missed days of work/school/activity due to infections out of a total of 21,535 patient days (<0.5%)

32.9 days of antibiotic use per patient per year

37 patients (63%) used antibiotics due to infection (includes therapeutic use)

*SBIs were defined as a rate of <1.0 cases of bacterial pneumonia, bacteremia/septicemia, osteomyelitis/septic arthritis, visceral abscess, and bacterial meningitis per person-year.1

PPPY=per patient per year.